Westbourne Grammar School

Book / Film / Exhibition

Community of Believers

A substantial history book, a film and an exhibition contributed to Westbourne Grammar’s celebration of 150 years educating a community.

150 years after Westbourne Grammar was founded, the school wanted to celebrate with its tight-knit community. It was important to balance respect for its remarkable history with its contemporary, forward-thinking ethos.


We took photos of more than 100 significant pieces of memorabilia to capture the changing nature of school life in a contemporary way. These became a recurring motif in the book, as well as on banners and decals at the launch and for the rest of the 150th year.


The contemporary design reflects the school’s desire to value the past while looking to the future.


Westbourne Grammar School supplied the manuscript, Hyphen brought it to life. More than 250 pages of historical detail made contemporary and accessible with bold design and interesting features such as gatefolds and half pages.




We were trying to represent our 150-year history in a respectful, but contemporary way. We were looking for a visual design that would draw people into the richness of the text. We’re incredibly proud of the results!’

Anne Bright, director of development, Westbourne Grammar School