Shifting Gears

When Toyota ceased manufacturing cars in Australia, the company wanted to document its history and celebrate the contributions of its long-serving staff. Shifting Gears includes over sixty-five staff interviews alongside gorgeous, full-colour photographs and stories. Covering the Australian history of one of the world’s best-known brands, it relates the story of the beginnings of car manufacture, right through to the cutting-edge developments that the Toyota brand is known for today.

Services: Research, interviews, writing, editing, design, typesetting, proof reading and production.

We created a book that embraced the concept of respectful transition, while communicating that Toyota would retain a strong presence in Australia.


I’d like to thank each and every one of you for the fantastic experience you have given me through the development of the Toyota Book. I feel so very honoured to have met you all and to have worked with you through this process. The joy and inspiration I have gained through working with the many people inside Toyota and hearing their story is absolutely humbling.’

Graeme Congues, Manager Transition and Compliance, Corporate Affairs, Toyota Australia