Siena College


Connecting past, present and future

75 stories of the Siena College community

Siena College is a private girls’ school in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. To celebrate their 75th anniversary, the school asked us to put together a book that profiled 75 of the school’s high-achieving alumnae. Each page was also individually framed for their Hall of Honour, and our work continues with them as they induct new alumnae each year.

Carefully edited biographies of these 75 inspirational women, together with beautiful portrait photography, captured the warmth and humanity of each subject. 

Interviews of each subject were completed by the school. Hyphen then used the transcripts to write each story. Beautiful portrait photography was key to bringing these stories to life. Each year, Hyphen continues to document new additions to the Siena Hall of Honour.


Well done on a great job with the book.’

Tracey Grobbelaar, director of development and community relations, Siena College