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Rich past, healthy future

100 years in one epic documentary and a beautiful book

A global company that began its life as a government body based in Melbourne 100 years ago, CSL wanted to celebrate its centenary by telling its remarkable story of innovation, evolution and pioneering medical discovery, and to connect staff from around the world to a shared, higher purpose.

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To truly demonstrate CSL’s global reach we travelled the world, interviewing the people who have lived CSL’s story to produce a documentary that was a blend of heartfelt stories, facts and archival footage.


We took the opportunity to create a high-end coffee table book that showcased the many amazing archival images collected over 100 years. We selected, captioned and retouched the images, designed then proofed the final product and managed the printing. The books were gifted to 15,000 staff around the world.


Our centenary was an enormous opportunity to communicate our story and connect more closely with staff and stakeholders. But it was also a huge task to manage and we couldn’t have done it by ourselves. The team did an amazing job and helped us to maximise our centenary.’

Sharon McHale, corporate communications manager, CSL