Best's Wines


Best's Great Western, Celebrating 150 Years

Best’s Great Western is a family-owned Victorian winery and to mark their 150th anniversary they wanted to publish a book about their history and heritage, both as a keepsake and for marketing purposes. They wanted a book that was in chronological order,  but that could be opened on any page to reveal something interesting about the winery and the family that runs it.

A constant through the winery’s 150-year history has been the family’s kitchen table, so that became a key feature of the narrative: imagined conversations between past and present members of the family transcended generations and took readers on a flight of fancy. And since good conversations are always accompanied by good food and good wine, each ‘moment through time’ around the kitchen table was accompanied by a family recipe and, of course, a wine recommendation. 


Services: Writing, editing, design, typesetting, illustrations, photo retouch, proof reading and production.

Beautiful historical and current images reflected the company’s heritage and the family feeling, unveiling the true character of the business as well as the wines they create.


‘We would like to thank you and your staff most sincerely for the Best’s 150 year book, which we consider a small miracle when we see the time and effort that went into the production. I guess it’s a bit like making wine; you have no idea what’s involved unless you get a little bit involved yourself. It was great to work with a young, enthusiastic and professional group of people. I can assure you that Bounce will be on top of the list when the 200 years comes around.’

Chris Thompson,

Owner, Best’s Wines.