Book / Film / Exhibition

75 years caring

Capturing the heart and soul of BaptistCare volunteers on film and the richness of its history on paper.

When BaptistCare was founded, its overriding purpose was to provide a home – in the truest sense of the word – for the most vulnerable people in our community. 75 years on, BaptistCare’s priority was to communicate that very little has changed in this regard.   

In an organisation where 3800 staff create heartwarming stories every day, our challenge was to represent their stories in just six 5-minute films. Our reward was to share them with their community.

BaptistCare’s book captures its history and culture of giving through 75 stories, each like a puzzle piece that, when joined together, create a picture of the organisation it is today. Hyphen worked with BaptistCare’s chosen writer to bring these beautiful stories to life.


The history book completely hits the mark and the staff films are brilliant. I can’t wait to start sharing them and I am also excited about making more films with Hyphen!’

Anja Schulze, group marketing manager, BaptistCare