Book / Film / Installation

75 Stories that Shaped Us

When BaptistCare was founded, its purpose was to provide a home – in the truest sense of the word – for the most vulnerable people in our community. Seventy-five years on, BaptistCare’s goal with its storytelling project was to affirm that its mission has not changed.

Services: Editing, design and typesetting, illustration, image retouching and proof reading; filming, film direction, scripting and editing; installation content, design and production; project management of all three elements.

In an organisation where 3800 staff create heartwarming stories every day, our challenge was to represent their stories in just six 5-minute films. Our reward was to share them with their community.

A milestone that was celebrated with films, an installation and a book.


The history book completely hits the mark and the staff films are brilliant. I can’t wait to start sharing them and I am also excited about making more films with Hyphen!’

Anja Schulze, Group Marketing Manager, BaptistCare