Book / Film / Installation

Handcrafted History

The family behind the iconic Akubra brand wanted to share how seven generations created Australia’s greatest fur felt hat-making business. The purpose? To record a family history, thank people close to them and celebrate how craftsmanship will always outshine fast fashion.

Services: Research, interviews, writing, editing, design, typesetting, content management, image retouching, proof reading and print management, production, film direction and editing, installation content and design.

For the launch, we designed enormous wall installations that told Akubra’s story through imagery and words. Today, those walls reside in the Akubra factory, reminding staff of their part in a broader story.

Initially, the Keirs weren’t even sure they had a story to tell. So we spent time talking to family, friends and suppliers to uncover stories they didn’t know they had. Then we spent more time sourcing images to complement the ones in their family archives. 

The result? A book that captures the spirit, tenacity and beauty of Australia’s most iconic hat brand and the family behind it.


My kids just love it, and you should’ve seen how excited the board was!’

Stacey McIntyre, Owner and Family Member, Akubra