A team of working together to tell your story in a lasting way.

Our Story

We’ve been creating books for fifteen years under the name Bounce Books, forging a reputation for making exquisite, high-end milestone books that capture the history and essence of businesses, organisations and communities.

A few years ago, we realised we could tell those stories via other media as well – film, exhibitions and digital applications. And by the time we’d researched and written a book, we knew that organisation inside out; from their best images, to who they are as a brand and as a community. And, importantly, we knew where to find more stories. Because let’s face it, there are always more stories.

And so, in 2016, we founded Hyphen.

Hyphen brings together all the elements that made Bounce Books so successful – a strong sense of client needs, personable interviews, thorough research, engaging writing, careful editing and proofing, beautiful design and attentive project management.

Then in 2019, Hyphen and Bounce merged into one business – Hyphen. Bounce Books remains the backbone of our own story and you’ll still see the Bounce Books logo on the spine of all our books (after all, a company that cares so much about history can’t lose its own). 

So, no matter how you’d like to connect your community, we’ll help you do it. Well-told stories stand the test of time.

Our Team

Our team has a passion for storytelling and our expertise covers research, writing, design, filmmaking, photography and project management. Let us tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience.


Val Montagnana-Wallace

Director and General Manager

Neil Montagnana-Wallace

Director of Communications


Heather Shields

Project Manager


Kathryn Tafra

Editor and Proofreader


Rairu Rebolledo

Lead Designer


Nicolas Brasch



Maryrose Cuskelly 



Jacqui Ross



Jessica Atkinson


Mark Harrison


Taras Mohamed



Lola Black

Moral Support

Our Impact

We care about the planet we live on and we’re trying to make it better, one project at a time. Our book projects are printed locally whenever possible, and we prioritise working with printers that offset their carbon footprint. All our books are printed on FSC paper with soy-based inks.